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CRM's Unstoppable Combination

According to the IDC, information is the new world currency.
Webex, Maximizer Enterprise, iQuote, Interactive Results Reporting, when used together, provide an unstoppable combination to succeed in today's competitive economy…

'Key CRM tools provided by Results International helped our organization grow from 10 to 18 Million in less than 18 months.

This rate of growth is unprecedented especially when you consider that our industry is known for its shrinking market size'

- Joe Antellocy, President Aftech Corporation

However software alone does not guarantee success.

The best practices usage strategies provided by Results International ensure an effortless synergy between each application and high end user adoption by your staff. In addition these services are utilized by global organizations and are also in reach for small and medium size firms.

Let us look at each application component and their function:

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage with Online Meetings
  • WebEx provides a new interactive communications platform that is transforming the way companies work.

  • WebEx allows business professionals to communicate more effectively and economically through interactive online real-time meetings.

  • Businesses across the globe are using WebEx today to increase productivity, improve communications, reduce travel / training / support cost, shorten product development time and improve efficiency throughout their business.

  • WebEx's low cost of implementation and immediate business benefits can result in instant cost savings and significant return on investment, making it the standard for real-time business meetings on the Web.

Webex meeting center best practice usage strategies provided by Results International make your online meetings as effective as in-person meetings

Live WebEx Screen Shot

Learn more about WebEx

Customer Relationship Management Tool

Maximizer Enterprise provides customer information in one easy-to-use CRM software solution.

  • Your executives will be empowered to make better business decisions.

  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service & Support professionals will have the tools to work smarter.

See Also:

  • Maximizer Overview
  • Maximizer Orientation Video

Learn more about Maximizer Enterprise

iQuote provides the best way to issue, track and close quotations.
  • Take advantage of the tight iQuote integration with your data in Maximizer Enterprise, Outlook and other leading systems.

  • Easily use iQuote's powerful functionality to streamline quote processes, reporting and compliance for your staff.

  • Optimize profitability and close ratios

  • Improve the customer experience with professional looking quotes.

Learn more about iQuote

Customizable Reporting On Demand

Interactive Results Reporting is a web-based Business Intelligence tool that allows you to drilldown into details on a single screen. Ask any question about your sales data and get the results instantly.

  • Quickly visualize trends, exceptions and patterns.

  • Identify opportunities to increase sales and profitability

  • Improve performance management

  • Generate valuable weekly activity and visit reports

  • Pivot and drill-down through your sales and product

  • Easier to use and more powerful than Crystal Reports

  • No more waiting for MIS to run your reports

Learn more about Interactive Results Reporting

Many of your competitors already utilize the benefits of combined Webex, Maximizer Enterprise, iQuote and Interactive Results Reporting solutions. To take advantage of CRM data that already exists with your organization, contact us today.

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