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Put your business on the map, free of charge, through Google Local Search

Google maps provides a powerful way to look at an online street directory, or peer down on our neighborhoods via "satellite" or hybrid view.

For corporations, Google Maps is fast becoming a tool for customers to find you… specially for prospects that may be in close proximity to you that you may not be aware of.

Business to business and consumer to business buyers are increasingly turning to Google Maps to find local suppliers for commercial products and services.

Google's ascension to the pinnacle of Search Engine
dominance is a business phenomenon that few organizations can afford to ignore.

The evolution of search engine prowess is increasing at an exponential pace. From 1st generation meta tags, to text based AdWords.

AdWords by definition allows organizations to advertise their products and services against any keyword or compilation of keywords. Today's AdWords have evolved to become a living, breathing 'text' auction.
If you wanted to pay $1 for a position at number one, and your direct competitor wanted it more, they could pay $1.50 for position number one. The price per click for keywords continues today to be spiking higher and higher.

Google Maps represents next generation search engine functionality, and the next battleground for marketing dominance.

Instead of going to the search engine to find a product or service by text (including listings from all over the world), your prospect can go to a map of their area and then search a geographic region for the products and service they seek.

For example: Instead of going to Google and typing 'Japanese Restaurant in Toronto' getting various results, Google Maps is now allowing companies to submit their company name, address and blurb about what products and services are offered to the market.
When prospects search on the Toronto map for Japanese restaurants , little icons appear, and text bubbles with phone numbers and email addresses also come up…in proximity to the customers' target location.

'Japanese Restaurants Toronto'
Text Based Google search vs
Google Maps search

Google Maps is the foundation for even more powerful next generation search that includes:

a. 180 Degree Panoramic Street Tours New York Example

b. Geographic search from Mobile Phones and Turning Black Berries into GPS devices

To sign up for Google maps free of charge Simply go here and then sign up for an account. Once you have an account you can create your company's bio and address listing, then use Google's phone verification or postcard in the mail which provides the validation details. It's a new and powerful marketing tool that is well worth getting in on.
Most new tools from Google end up being winners.

The million dollar question is 'how long with Google Map subcriptions be free ?'

Time will tell, however Microsoft, Yahoo, and Wikipedia (which plans to launch open source search engines) will undoubtedly attempt to keep Google on their toes.

To sign up with Google for free and start the process of getting listed go to the Google Maps Business Center.


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