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    New! Interactive Results Reporting for Maximizer Enterprise

    Unlock new value from your Maximizer Enterprise system by using IRR to:
    • Boost staff performance with your existing Maximizer Enterprise Installation (CRM tools)

    • Discover new ways to optimize, and manage your goals with your CRM application

    • Combine valuable data in your CRM system with data in your ERP, databases, HR System etc in order to gain a full profitability, performance and exception picture

    • Identify hidden opportunities that exist in your Maximizer Enterprise system

    • Gain reporting, ease of use and drill down capabilities not otherwise available
    What you can expect from using IRR with your Maximizer Enterprise application:
    • Enhance visibility on the data hidden in your CRM system

      Gain new clarity to identify, improve and manage:

      - Staff Performance
      - Trends
      - Date Comparisons

    • Obtain a complete view of Maximizer and non Maximizer data on one screen

      Use IRR to bridge data in Maximizer Enterprise and your other applications (quoting, ERP, finance etc) in order to generate improved clarity on threats, opportunities and challenges facing your business.

    • Deploy easy to use report options and templates

      View reports in multiple formats that include charts, graph, and tables with informative drill down features.
    • Improve staff performance

      Action oriented report templates provide clear visibility on items such as:

      - Weekly activity reports
      - Sales plan vs. Actual reports
      - Clients at risk reports
      - Call plan reports
      - Quote and Opportunity reports
      - Commission reports
      - … and more

    Results International
    1 800 550 1664

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    'Companies that had previously relied on Excel spreadsheets for reporting indicated that BI enabled them to reduce personnel time associated with reporting by 50 to 90 percent.'

    Nucleus Research Customer Survey

    Works With
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • IBM DB2
    • Informix
    • Microsoft Access
    • Reduce reporting costs

      Immediately reduce the costs and strain on staff to collect, obtain and maintain the date required for you reports.
    • Business event management

      Prevent and manage challenges before they happen.
    Benefits gained with IRR for Maximizer Enterprise:
    • Lower your costs required to gather essential information for reports

    • Increase your return on investment for your entire CRM expenditure

    • Gain fresh report perspectives and insight that are not possible with standard Maximizer Enterprise reporting

    • Enable a wider distribution of valuable information from Maximizer Enterprise and non-Maximizer Enterprise data
    Try Interactive Results Reporting Today

    Leverage the rich information that exist in your applications.

    Interactive Results Reporting for:

    • Maximizer Enterprise
    • CRM
    • Quoting
    • Accounting
    • Web



    Runs on top of:
    • iQuote
    • Maximizer
    • SAP
    • Oracle Financials
    • JD Edwards
    • Navision
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • SAGE
    • Great Plains
    • ACCPAC
    • MAS90
    • more...

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