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    Quote Metrics Usage Scenarios
    Leading sales and marketing executives are using IRR for iQuote to optimize profitability-related activities such as:

    Strategic Pricing 1
    Product Mix Performance 3
    Customer Rankings 4

    Margin Protection Strategies 6

    Accelerate Profit Optimization with Quote Metrics

    • Enable staff to make quoting decisions that truly contribute to profitability

    • With better quote reports, you can improve quote management, forecasting, and product management

    iQuote delivers unprecedented quote productivity to corporations world wide.

    Interactive Results Reporting (IRR) for iQuote provides your team with unparalleled insight into quoting performance, trends, threats and opportunities facing your organization.

    Use IRR iQuote reporting to:

    • Identify customer quoting vs. order trends and spot anomalies

    • Improve staff, market and channel quote performance

    • Reduce quote errors

    • Track products quoted by customer rankings

    • Protect quote profitability

    • Generate sales and material forecasts

    • Produce ad-hoc reports and graphs

    • Eliminate labor intensive manual reporting processes

    Results International
    1 800 550 1664

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    'Companies that had previously relied on Excel spreadsheets for reporting indicated that BI enabled them to reduce personnel time associated with reporting by 50 to 90 percent.'

    Nucleus Research Customer Survey

    Works With
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • IBM DB2
    • Informix
    • Microsoft Access

    Interactive Results Reporting for iQuote benefits include:

    • Increased revenues

    • Growth and maintenance of margins

    • Reduced cost of sales

    • More effective utilization of assets

    • Increased product and service efficiencies

    • Eliminate duplicative data gathering

    • Reduced accounts receivables and costs to collect

    IRR for iQuote excels in providing organizations with limitless insight into quote performance

    View Quote Metrics Demo Reports Here
    Click to see live IRR for iQuote report examples

    Important Questions that IRR for iQuote will answer

    Customer Quote Preferences

    a. Your top products/services requested by customers vs. what is ordered
    b. Top products suggested to customers by your sales representatives
    c. Products quoted vs. acceptance performance by vendor and or product/service type

    Profit and Margin Management

    a. Highest margin products vs. the time it takes for the quote to close
    b. Quote performance by sales representative, product/service line, and territory

    Quote Forecasting by Product, Sales rep, Territory and Much More

    a. Score carding - sales forecast vs. actual quote performance
    b. ..and much more

    Try Interactive Results Reporting Today

    Leverage the rich information that exist in your applications.

    Interactive Results Reporting for:

    • Maximizer Enterprise
    • CRM
    • Quoting
    • Accounting
    • Web


    Runs on top of:
    • iQuote
    • Maximizer
    • SAP
    • Oracle Financials
    • JD Edwards
    • Navision
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • SAGE
    • Great Plains
    • ACCPAC
    • MAS90
    • more...

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