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    Website Analytics

    Accelerate your Website's Value: Ensure your Website strategy is supported with your CRM strategy.

    Effective website analytics and interpretation are essential to succeed in today's online competition for business and market awareness.

    Successful executives recognize the need utilize best practices and economies of scale to establish and interpret website analytics order to ensure that top results are achieved with:

    Results International's partnership with StatCounter, and OneState deliver multi tiered service offerings to small and large organizations that will:

    • Ensure that your website tracking strategy can be supported with your CRM strategy

    • Provide hands on direction on website content that require improvement and modifications

    • Monitor conversion rates between web traffic, CRM activities, quotes and orders

    • Dramatically improve results gained by your website presence.

    Analytics Positioning

    Stat Counter - Introductory website analytics that is ideal for first time entry into website analysis. - Advanced website analytics for multi dimensional review of web traffic behavior. -

    Results International Website Analytics Services:

    • Optimize your website to take advantage of and or functionality

    • How to interpret website analytic reports

    • Apply hands on assistance to embed website analytics into your website(s)

    • Bridge website analytic reporting with CRM reporting.

    To learn more about Statcounter go to

    To learn more about go to

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