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    The Best way to ISSUE,
    TRACK and CLOSE Sales

    Accelerate Quote Performance

    Developed to support Microsoft’s open standards, iQuote will free your team from bottlenecks associated with the quote process while providing leading techniques and technology to enhance quote performance ratios and the bottom line.


    Increase Your Quote Results

    The iQuote Advantage

    Results International
    1 800 550 1664

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    Priority Contact

    With iQuote your:

    • Price books
    • Customer lists
    • CRM Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Manufacturers
    • Sales representatives
    • Part images and even
    • Technical drawing information are linked together into one integrated process that delivers consistent, coordinated quotes

    iQuote delivers the tools and best practices that optimize processes to ISSUE, TRACK and CLOSE sales quotations.

    • Reduced quote preparation effort
    • Better quote management
    • Close more profitable quotes
    • Minimized quote errors & improved productivity, are a few proven results delivered by iQuote's leading technology and quote strategies

    Protect Profit Margins

    iQuote Features

    iQuote's powerful margin analysis tools ensure that your quotes are priced accurately and provide the best profit opportunities with your customers. iQuote's depth of functionality ensures that users profit with easy to use tools that directly contribute to quote performance and optimized sales results.
    Improve Quote Reporting Technical Architecture
    Keep your competitive edge with iQuote reporting that delivers clear visibility on metrics that drive quote performance, identify trends and track quote activity. Desktop, Client Server and Web based architecture in addition to powerful price book and integration options provide your team with flexibility scalability and ease of use.
    iQuote Functionality (components) iQuote Payback by Department

    Seamless integration to your customers in your CRM system (Maximizer Enterprise, Outlook, Goldmine and more)

    • Quote Generator
    • Margin Analysis Engine
    • Professional Quote Output
    • Quote Tracking
    • Pricebook Management
    iQuote centralizes valuable information that currently resides in various departments.
    iQuote Business Partner Opportunities iQuote Case Study
    Your organization could generate an attractive revenue stream by providing value-added services around iQuote Express See how iQuote Express achieves quote success for a leading organization

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    “… iQuote is one of the best packages I’ve ever seen that links to Maximizer. Its power was far more than any of us had prepared for. It will provide a high degree of value to Maximizer users, and Results International definitely did their homework.”
    Mike House
    MultiActive Software




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