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Markham ON L3R 8B4

Office: 1 800 550 1664
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Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution for small and medium companies in addition to scalability for enterprise organizations.

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Maximizer Software Inc has over 1,000,000 users worldwide.

By integrating sales and contact management, marketing, and customer service & support software tools into one affordable solution, Maximizer Enterprise and Results International's CRM deployment services will help your organization realize your customer management goals: Return, profitable customers

To view Maximizer CRM product datasheets (in Adobe PDF format), please click on the following links. If you want to save the product datasheet, right-click on the item and choose "Save As" or "Save Target As".

Results International
1 800 550 1664

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Version 10
a. Maximizer CRM 10 - Accounting Link
b. Maximizer CRM 10 - Accounting Link Quick Books
c. Maximizer CRM 10 - Business Intelligence
d. Maximizer CRM 10 - CanDoGo
e. Maximizer CRM 10 - Customer Service
f. Maximizer CRM 10 - Customization
g. Maximizer CRM 10 - For Executives
h. Maximizer CRM 10 - For Marketing
i. Maximizer CRM 10 - For Sales
J. Maximizer CRM 10 - IT Executives
k. Maximizer CRM 10 - Microsoft Partnership
l. Maximizer CRM 10 - Mobile CRM
m. Maximizer CRM 10 - Overview Brochure
n. Maximizer CRM 10 - PRM
o. Maximizer CRM 10 - Process Automation and Business Monitoring
p. Maximizer CRM 10 - System Requirements
q. Maximizer CRM 10 - Web and Remote Access
r. Maximizer CRM 10 - What's New
s. Maximizer CRM 10 - Which is Right for You?


Legacy Version 9.5
a. What's New in Maximizer Enterprise 9.5
b. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 Overview
c. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for Executives
d. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for Marketing
e. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for Sales
f. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for Customer Service & Support
g. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for IT Executives
h. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for Manufacturing Companies
i. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 for Technology Companies
J. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 - Web and eCommerce
k. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 - Partner Relationship Management
l. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 - Automate Business Processes with Workflow Automation
m. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 - Microsoft Technologies
n. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 - Accounting Link for QuickBooks
o. Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 - Suites Comparison
p. Maximizer Enterprise 9.x - System Requirements
Success Stories
a. Government & Public Sector: Atlantic County Utilities Authority
b. Wholesale, Distribution & Retail Ames Brothers
c. Services Bridge Solutions
d. Wholesale, Distribution & Retail DNA Group
e. High-Tech Dolphin Software
f. Wholesale, Distribution & Retail Grand & Toy
g. Tourism Langara Fishing Adventures
h. Wholesale, Distribution & Retail Lifeway Christian Resources
i. Manufacturing Mathusek
j. Tourism Playground, an Intrawest Company
k. Government & Public Sector South Carolina Department of Commerce
l. Financial Services Scotia McLeod
m. Financial Services Steele Capital Management
n. High-Tech StemCell Technologies
o. Manufacturing Tigerstop LLC
p. Healthcare Vita-Tech
q. Manufacturing W&O Supply



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