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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is best defined as 'A strategic approach that combines the best practice processes, technology, employees, and information across an organization in order to attract and retain profitable customers.

Gartner Group's highly respected technology report states that between 55 and 75 percent of CRM projects fail or fall well below customer expectations.

Results International's CRM implementation record has maintained a 100 percent success rate versus the industry average of 45 percent for 15 consecutive years... which happens to be the age of the organization.

Our approach comprises of a well planned six phase process that adheres to the most rigorous management practices and ensures customer satisfaction.

Use the tips below to ensure your CRM project achieves the desired outcomes.

Top reasons's why CRM projects succeed

1. Ensure your CRM initiative has a clear strategy and set of goals.

  • Create a vision board.

  • Your CRM strategy needs to clearly define how you will improve your internal processes and interaction touch points with your customers.

  • It should also define how you plan achieve these results.

2. The CRM strategy must be an integral part of your business strategy.

  • Successful CRM projects are often mapped against a corporations' overall business plan. How you find, develop and grow customer relationships today may be far different than a short five years ago.

  • The CRM system design should not lose site of the customer, your users or your core business strategy.
3. Ensure that your CRM design addresses the unique value you provide to your customers.

  • There are many CRM offerings in the market place. Avoid the temptation to
    deploy a CRM toolset based on someone else's success. Your customers' buying habits are unique.

  • Ensure that you evaluate tools against your specific business requirements, priorities and processes. Not everyone serves customers the same way, has the same business processes, or has the same priorities as your business.
4. Ensure that your CRM system improves the customer experience with every touch point with your organization.
  • Make sure every touch point you have with the customer provides consistent, knowledgeable, and high-quality service.

  • Leverage the data and processes in your CRM system to ensure that all touch points share and leverage key customer information across your organization.


Obtain input from key clients in order to validate your CRM strategy to enhance the customer experience.
  • Find out how your customers want to be serviced.

  • How can you better meet their needs?

  • How can you collaborate for a true win/win initiative?
  • What are other suppliers doing for them that they like?

  • The reasons why customers bought from you five years ago may be very different from the reasons for today.

6. Make sure that CRM is a business initiative leveraged by your IT group.

  • CRM integration with existing systems and platforms may be required by your organization.

  • The greatest success will come from the coordinated efforts of business users and technologists in your company.

7. Properly define CRM metrics and objective expectations.

  • Identify realistic goal posts of expectations before the CRM roll out and system design.

  • In this way you can set expectations, establish methods to measure performance improvement, obtain feedback, reinforce and duplicate successes.


Review your CRM strategy on a periodic basis to keep it in line with market realities.
  • Look at CRM as a continually evolving entity that is built to keep pace with customer expectations.

  • Plan for several phases to the rollout out.

  • Learn from the new CRM data at your disposal.

  • Refine your strategy, set new goals and develop plans to achieve these new goals.

9. Re assess your customer-centric culture.

  • Today's market place is increasingly crowded with new competitors that are no longer limited by geographic boundaries. Many of your customers see little difference between the products and prices you offer and those of your competitors. As a consequence, quality and service have become driving forces behind your customers' purchases, loyalty and your bottom line results.

  • Call your own organization and walk through the process of 'buying' from your firm.

  • Look at your company as your customers do. Consider how they want to do business with you.

  • Find out how customers find you. blogs and social sites are new gateways that garner significant attention from businesses.

  • Develop your strategy, CRM design, processes, and make decisions looking from the outside in.

  • Measure, analyze and track customer service performance.

  • In addition, consider CRM tools that will help you to defy geographic boundaries, reach new markets and accelerate growth.

10. Ensure top down leadership and employee buy-in for CRM.

  • Appoint an executive sponsor. Get employees involved in the tactical CRM design.

  • Get them excited about doing a better job for your customers and making your
    company more successful.

  • Create momentum toward a competitive customer focus.

  • Provide effective training so employees know their role and the rationale for change.
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