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Quotation Management:
Hidden Opportunities

According to the Aberdeen Group, over 9% of your revenue could be lost due to inefficiencies in the sales order management cycle.

Companies using limited systems to manage their quote and proposal process risk losing deals due to long delays in the quote cycle or inaccurate proposals.

In addition, applications exist to alleviate these problems, however, they are often cumbersome, or are difficult to setup and customize.

With no easy way to optimize quoting activity with CRM systems, sales managers' efforts to drive profits or turn quote data into actionable business intelligence were limited.

Until now...

iQuote provides the tools necessary to:

  • Consolidate valuable pricing and product formation for your staff.

  • Streamlining quote processes.

  • Reduce quote effort.

  • Deliver compelling quotes.

  • Gain valuable analysis and visibility regarding the quote pipeline.

In addition, powerful iQuote interactive reporting tools allow managers to obtain new insight into the business that were nearly impossible a few years ago.

iQuote Quotation Management Opportunities for Your End Users
  • Create quotes instantly using data from your existing CRM and accounting systems.

  • Ensure quotes include the most current pricing and product information from all
    parts of your organization.

  • Customize quote forms to match your company's needs.

  • Increase sales productivity by streamlining the quote and proposal management

  • Reduce incorrect quotes and orders.

  • Significantly reduce the time and effort required to issue, track and close professional looking quotes.
iQuote Quotation Management Opportunities for Your Management
  • Increase Revenue: Increased intelligence about quote processes, quote pipeline, quote win rates, margin analysis, quote status, discounting strategies.

  • Improve pricing controls and compliance (SOX, ISO): Workflow and
    structured, auditable quote process.

  • Reduce time to quote: Faster approvals, eliminate bottlenecks, streamlined quote

  • Eliminate long response times for quotes due to manual processes as well as
    approval and management bottlenecks.

  • Gain control and visibility around pricing, discounting and margins.

  • Prevent lost deals or revenue because of quoting delays or the slow
    communication of pricing issues that allow competitors to make the deal first.

  • Leverage your valuable quote data to obtain clear business intelligence
    reports regarding quotes status, profits, product/service segmentation,
    and closed orders.
iQuote Quotation Management Opportunities for Your IT Group
  • Improve CRM integration by connecting iQuote with your CRM, Accounting,
    ERP and Customer Service systems.

  • Enhance operating system compliance with SQL, ODBC and Microsoft Office

  • Consolidate field quotes with the main quote system on the server by means
    of iQuote Data Exchange.

  • Extend end user best practices conformity regarding pricing, products, quote
    layouts, descriptions and margins.
Your Customer's interpretation of your quotes with improved quotation management
  • Easy differentiation of your quotes versus your competition.

  • Timely receipt of your quotes versus your competition.

  • Compelling quotes versus your competition.

  • Improved responsiveness.

  • Improved customer experience with your organization.

  • Increased customer purchases and purchase behavior.
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